Thursday, December 15, 2011

Timeline is Coming to Facebook. Could be a privacy concern for some.

Facebook is rolling out it's new Timeline feature. I guess the best definition of Timeline is summed up by Adrian Covert @ Gizmodo in his article What Is Facebook Timeline? (Only Your Whole Life) 
1. Ensure your Privacy and Sharing Settings are set to Friends Only.
2. Remove any casual acquaintances you have added as friends. Or place those that you do not want to see anything in the Restricted List. 
3. Clean up any questionable or embarrassing content on your profile. What this new Timeline feature will allow is for a "friend" or stalker to quickly scan anything and everything posted on your wall. Regardless of when it was posted. Just imagine your boss finding those pics of you at the beach that day you called in sick!
4. Don’t opt in to Frictionless Sharing of the new Social Apps.
5. After Timeline is activated you ONLY have seven days to modify the content that is currently on your wall that will be available to all for viewing. So take advantage of the seven days to clean up yours!
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