Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Landed A New Gig!

I consider myself very fortunate. After being laid off 11-22 I was quite anxious as to my ability to find a new position with comparable compensation to my old position.

What I discovered during my short job search is that there are numerous F/T Permanent as well as many Contract & Contract to Permanent jobs out there for a System Administrator with my skill set, track record and experience. I also learned that positions having anything to do with vmware are almost impossible for employers/recruiters to fill. And there are many-many-many vmware related vacancies.

My new position is with Bonaire as a Technical Software Support Engineer. Quite a wide departure from my experience of the last four years. A bit apprehensive taking on a position that I know very little about. But I can remember four years ago I accepted a position as a Jr. System Administrator not having any solid experience in the field, but that all turned out OK. I expect if I apply myself I should be able to master this new position in the same fashion as I did with the System Administrator position. 

This new position would not have been possible without all the support and recommendations I have gotten from my former co-workers and the 26 Princess St. refugees that had already accepted positions at Bonaire

To all of you that have helped me and offered support over the past couple weeks my heartfelt thanks. 

Thanks for reading,


Anthony C. Goodwin

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