Friday, November 23, 2012

Configure an Exchange 2010 Receive Connector.

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Setting up a Receive Connector in Exchange Management Studio is quite simple. The purposes of a Receive Connector is to allow the inbound flow of messages to your Exchange Organization. The purpose of my Exchange Connector was to allow the ability for my web sites forum users to send mail from my forum interface through my Exchange Server. Without this connector the mail intended for recipients inside my Exchange organization that an external forum user sent would get rejected.

Open Exchange Management Console. In left pane expand Microsoft Exchange then Server Configuration then highlight Hub Transport. Highlight Hub Transport found in the center pane.

In the right hand pane click on New Receive Connector. Provide a name for the Connector and in my case Custom as the intended use.

Specify the FQDN the connector will respond to. 

Edit the Remote Network settings. Highlight the IP range and click Edit. 

Enter the IP address or range of the Remote Servers.

Click New. 

And click Finish.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to recover a SPAM false positive from GFI Mail filtering application.

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1.       Problem:

User reports that they believe a legitimate incoming email may have been blocked by the GFI Mail filtering software.

2.       Solution:

Access the GFI Mail console either directly from the Exchange server. Or from your desktop browser @ http://yourexchangeservername/MailEssentials/pages/Default.aspx.
Open the Dashboard and click on Logs tab. Enter the recipients email address a date/time range to search. Note, there is no Submit button. Just enter your variables and it will begin searching. Once you see the email in question in window below click on Details in the view column.

A second window with more details about the mail in question will open. Inside of that window click on the link next to Scan Result.

In the next browser window that opens review the Item Information & Message Text to verify it is the message the recipient was expecting. If it is you can either Approve, which will allow only this message only this one time to be transmitted to the recipient. Or choose Whitelist and approve tab. This will allow this message and any future messages from this same sender to be allowed past filter.