Friday, October 26, 2012

How to change the order of items in the SharePoint Quick Launch area.

I am very new to SharePoint Administration so something such as ordering an item in Sites in the Quick Launch pane may be simple to those with more experience, but it was a bit of a challenge for me to figure it out. 

After adding new items to Sites and refreshing my page I noticed that the two items I had added were not put in alphabetical order but rather inserted at the bottom of the list. 
See the screen shots below.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Can't assign IP to NIC after a P to V conversion.

“IP address already assigned to another adapter” error message received after performing a P to V with VMware Converter.

This error occurs due to a hidden NIC that does not appear in Network Connections panel already having the static IP assigned to it that you wish to assign to a NIC that is visible. After entering your desired IP you get this error message:

Open Device Manager. Go to View and select Show hidden devices. Look for the NIC/Adapter in question. In my example it is Broadcom…..(NDIS VBD Client). Right click on the NIC/Adapter in question and click Uninstall.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to change size of a Drive or Partition during P to V using VMware vCenter Converter


Server 2003 Physical machine has an oversize or undersized drive that you want to change during conversion. In my example the physical was partitioned with a very small C:\ and a very large E:\ drive. After my first run at P2V of this machine I attempted to use GParted to re-size the drives to no avail. 


I have omitted many of the steps in configuring the Conversion wizard and will focus on the HDD aspects of it. 
  • When on the Options page under the Source volumes tab  of the Wizard select or deselect the HDD in question. In my example I did NOT want to convert the E:\, which was actually a partition that was carved out of the physical C:\. This in turn improperly sized the C:\ at only 50GB. Not nearly enough space for a Server 2003 machine. 

  • Now select Destination layout tab on the Options page. In my example I want to re-size the C:\ from 50GB to 65GB. In the Size/Capacity column drop down list select <Type size in GB> and type in the size that you desire. When you boot up the machine the C:\ will be at it's new 65GB size. 
  • In my example the easiest way for me to deal with the E:\ drive of the physical machine was to create a new drive in vCenter then move the data over from P to V across the network as it was not a large amount of data.