Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to change size of a Drive or Partition during P to V using VMware vCenter Converter


Server 2003 Physical machine has an oversize or undersized drive that you want to change during conversion. In my example the physical was partitioned with a very small C:\ and a very large E:\ drive. After my first run at P2V of this machine I attempted to use GParted to re-size the drives to no avail. 


I have omitted many of the steps in configuring the Conversion wizard and will focus on the HDD aspects of it. 
  • When on the Options page under the Source volumes tab  of the Wizard select or deselect the HDD in question. In my example I did NOT want to convert the E:\, which was actually a partition that was carved out of the physical C:\. This in turn improperly sized the C:\ at only 50GB. Not nearly enough space for a Server 2003 machine. 

  • Now select Destination layout tab on the Options page. In my example I want to re-size the C:\ from 50GB to 65GB. In the Size/Capacity column drop down list select <Type size in GB> and type in the size that you desire. When you boot up the machine the C:\ will be at it's new 65GB size. 
  • In my example the easiest way for me to deal with the E:\ drive of the physical machine was to create a new drive in vCenter then move the data over from P to V across the network as it was not a large amount of data. 

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