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Setting up Verizon DSL Westell 6100 to work with a Linksys E1000 Wireless Router.

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Went to a clients house to connect a new Linksys wireless router to a VZ DSL Westell 6100. Not a big fan of the 6100. Had problems in the past configuring them to be just a "dumb" bridge/switch from the VZ network to the wireless device. Even more difficult when the username and password for the Westell 6100 is not known, which was the case this time.

Really did not want to do a reset to defaults on the 6100 as I could not recall what would be required to get it back up and running again. I think that you have to have all of the VZ account information in order to set it up. Not wanting to risk it I made the dreaded call to VZ DSL tech support.

I thought there was a way to simply connect the DSL line to the Internet jack of the Linksys then connect the Westell 6100 to one of the other four ethernet ports on the Linksys but was not sure exactly. Sure enough what you can do is just that.

First connect a device directly to the Linksys E1000. If new you would go to with <blank> password and admin for the password. Once in there set for DHCP if it is not already and change the E1000's IP address to and save the changes. If you need to get back into the console you then have to go to

Personally I would prefer to set the Westell 6100 to be a dumb bridge. But the above method works as well. I was able to also connect a desktop computer to the Linksys and get internet service to it as well. 

If anyone has any thoughts or reasons why one method, making the Westell 6100 a dumb switch, or the above is better than the other in this situation I would be glad to hear them.

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