Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Think before you click! There is a new Trojan making the rounds on Facebook. It is a variant of the Zeus Banking Trojan. Zeus is capable of key stroke logging and data mining to find your banking usernames & passwords.

The method of delivery is by way of a .jpeg attachment, a common photo attachment. What happens is one of your "friends" accounts become compromised. The person that gained control of that account sends this infected .jpeg photo attachment to everyone on the compromised accounts friends list.

You, not thinking that your friend would send you a Trojan, happily click on the photo attachment. The rest is history. Once the attachment is open various Trojans are downloaded to your machine. Quite often by this point your AV software may not have reacted fast enough to stop it.

Here is an article from

I would recomend that you like their Facebook page. They deliver posts on current threats on a daily basis that are usually easy to read and understand, even for the casual computer user. 

Think before you click!

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Anthony C. Goodwin

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