Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HP Pavilion dv8000 Repair or Replace?

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Recently had an HP Pavilion dv8000 come in with vertical lines and blank spaces displaying on the screen. Client was willing to pay me a reasonable assessment fee just to advise her on how to proceed. 

Obvious first test was to connect to an external monitor. Video displayed without issue on the external monitor. This led me to think that the LCD panel was damaged or the video cable that connects the panel to the system board was chaffed. A common problem I see in laptops of all makes. 

I didn't shoot any video or take any pics of this operation. If you Google this model you will see plenty of videos of it being taken apart. I took apart the lid/screen then had to remove five hundred screws from the base just to get the keyboard and palm rest out of the was so I could check the video cable connection the the system board. The cable appeared to be attached properly. I could not see any signs of chaffing on the video cable, but as they are wrapped in a nylon "sock" it is difficult to see the actual cable itself.

With the unit disassembled I discovered that both the left and right hinge assemblies were cracked. The cost of those parts added to the cost of even a used screen pushed the repair to the point where it just wasn't cost effective to repair.

I showed user how to connect an external monitor and how to set it as the primary monitor. She was more than happy with that temporary work around until she picks out a new unit.

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Anthony C. Goodwin

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